I took Katie’s Paleo Cooking Bootcamp, and it was life-changing experience. I knew about Paleo philosophy - but it had seemed ‘too complicated’ to be able to use it on a daily basis. I have come to the realization that my sugar-craving and addiction to processed foods can be handled, and Katie’s process for planning and food preparation has helped with my goals of healthy life and weight-loss. I love the uncomplicated, organized approach to planning and menu creation. There is never a shortage of food, nor am I hungry during the week - and the cravings have been replaced by higher energy.
— A.H. - Executive
I took the Paleo Cooking Bootcamp and LOVED it! Prepping all of our food for a whole week in 2 hours was pretty impressive, and a lot easier than I expected. Katie introduced us to so many new, healthy alternatives to add to our everyday lifestyle.

I would say the most valuable thing from this class was learning how different things affect my overall health and well being. I had no idea how much of an affect sugar, dairy, bread, etc. had on me until i removed them for a full month. That is a life-changer!
— K.F. - Sales
Katie’s calm, honest presence and her deep knowledge of cooking, nutrition, and health make her the perfect health coach. I love that she focuses on recipes that are practical AND efficient - things that she actually did for herself as a busy attorney!! Also, she’s a terrific listener and she truly wants to help people create change. My diet, my health, and my overall lifestyle have changed in ways I’ve dreamed about and wanted for YEARS, and that is thanks to Katie. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend her.
— J.W. - Life Coach
Katie is amazing! My husband and I were looking for a lifestyle change so we signed up for her cooking class. It was wonderful. She made cooking easy with fantastic recipes that we have been able to incorporate into our daily meals and our kids love it too. Thank you Katie for bringing wellness into our life and helping us successfully change our families life for the better.
— L.B. - Spiritual Leader
Katie has a warm and personalized way that has made the path to my getting healthier easy and repeatable and even a little magical. She gives clear and easy to follow information and recipes that allow me to take charge of my health. And what I’ve learned has helped me to better take care of my family (husband and 6 year old daughter included). Also, I appreciate how Katie has helped me organize my kitchen and what it’s stocked so I can make delicious and good-for-my-body (inside and out) meals that don’t add to the craziness of my already jam-packed days and weekends. Plain and simple I highly recommend Katie (personally and professionally), whether you just meet her, take any of her paleo-cooking classes, or sign up for her one-to-one coaching you will benefit health and happiness-wise.
— S.S. - Executive
Katie is a great teacher and coach. I took two of her Paleo Bootcamp Cooking classes in March and loved it. Her classes are well paced and organized and full of information to take home and be able to do it on your own. I try to use many of her small healthy techniques and items in my regular cooking and have shared some with my parents knowing that this will help them be healthier. She truly is passionate about her work and it shows in all the support, encouragement, and patience she exhibits with her students. I highly recommend her.
— M.A. - Retired
I joined Katie’s Paleo Cooking Bootcamp to kickstart 2015 and add to my workout routine. During her Cooking Bootcamp, I lost 8 pounds, and my energy definitely improved as did my mood. I loved the Paleo breakfast muffin recipe and cooking in an industrial kitchen! The ease of the recipes cannot be overstated. It really is possible to cook for the week in a couple of hours!
— D.R. - Attorney
It has been wonderful working with Katie - she is realistic, compassionate, and very supportive. She works hard to understand the realities of our busy family and build positive, healthy cooking, eating and lifestyle choices. Katie’s approach is to work from a place of asset so I have felt empowered and validated, as opposed to discouraged by restrictive or unrealistic expectations. Katie is a joy and a bright light!
— B.N. - Supermom
I’ve been a client of Katie’s for approximately 6 months now ( It has been a pleasure to meet with her one-on-one to discuss issues I have about weight loss, good food choices, and feeling better in general. Katie cares a great deal about what is best for each of her clients. She always helps to frame things positively. Before I started working with Katie I felt I was stuck and knew I needed to make some changes - particularly as it related to food and exercise, not just one or the other. Katie helped encourage me to make those changes. Before Katie I was MAYBE exercising 30 min. twice a week. I now swim 3 mornings a week before work, and then Sat. and Sunday I do other types of exercise. I’ve been doing my elliptical machine, and am now incorporating more exercise with the help of Katie’s husband Jonathan who is a personal trainer. My diet is now mostly non-processed foods. Katie’s suggestions to shop in bulk one day and prep all my veggies has been a great help. It’s been fun picking out recipes for her to look over, comment on, or try together. Generally my sleep is better, my energy is higher, and my clothes fit better. Katie is genuinely concerned about her clients, and works to find the right mix of food, exercise, and self-care so they can meet and their personal total health goals.
— S.F. - Executive Assistant
After my daughter Emily was diagnosed with a whole plethora of food allergies including gluten, dairy, eggs we felt totally overwhelmed with her limited food choices. The local supermarkets only offered expensive, sugary processed gluten free foods which usually contained dairy products. Katie came to the house and spent time with Emily and talked about all the foods she liked. Katie came back a week later with a shopping list, a binder of recipes and took Emily shopping to Whole Foods. When they got home they cooked in our kitchen for 2 hrs and made a selection of delicious, healthy snacks and entrees. My daughter was so proud to serve us dinner that evening. She’s off to college in September and now has the skills and knowledge to cook for herself. I have peace of mind that my daughter will not starve when she leaves home!
— V.K. - Realtor
I took Katie’s Paleo Cooking Bootcamp (her first class!) and it was a great experience. I was already eating maybe 80% Paleo but was overwhelmed with how time consuming many of the recipes that I found online were. Katie provided very simple recipes and food preparation techniques that helped me be more efficient in the kitchen and made me look forward to spending the few hours it took to prepare a weeks worth of home cooked and HEALTHY meals! I’m now 100% Paleo and continue to make a lot of the meals that Katie taught us in the Bootcamp. My favorite is the Collard Green Wrap, Broccoli Salad, Bacon Wrapped Meatballs, and Paleo Muffins.....actually all of it was delicious!
— S.W. - Nurse
I do not have enough words to thank you for helping me lose my fist 9.5 ponds of baby fat during my first two weeks. That truly helped to bring my confidence back and motivated me to keep doing it. I am now 23 pounds less and I eat your delicious recipes while I keep losing weight. Yeahhhh!
— P.L. - Supermom
I took Katie’s 2 week Paleo Challenge. I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks and gained muscle mass. I stuck with Paleo and changed my eating habits forever. I have lost 24 lbs since I began. I weigh now what I weighed in college. I feel great. None of my clothes fit and it is the best feeling in the world!
— M.C. - Executive
I first met Katie when we were colleagues in the law profession. Even then I looked up to her for all things fitness and health related. Since becoming her client at Earthivore I have been very pleased with her services. Katie listens to your individual needs. She is smart, organized, detail orientated and creates a program that will suit your lifestyle and keep you motivated. One of the best aspects of working with Katie has been the in home cooking session. I was not sure what to expect of the initial session, but Katie first analyzed my favorite food selections and came up with a meal plan that incorporated all of the items I like to eat. She picked recipes that were healthy, yet flavorful and easy to make. Katie also taught me invaluable techniques which save me tremendous time in the kitchen related to food prepping for the week, and also ensure that I am eating a balanced diet. I would highly recommend Katie if you are looking to get your health on track or need the extra motivation to stay consistent. She also truly cares about her client’s and their well being.
— Y.S. - Attorney