As of the January 2018, Katie has the following program offerings to work with her directly via telephone or Skype:

  • Option #1 - Nutritional Coaching Program (cost: $1050)
    • This is a 3-month one-on-one coaching program, where you will meet with Katie (via telephone or Skype) for 1-hour every other week, for a total of 6 coaching sessions
    • The first session with be an in-depth, 2-hour session, in order to fully assess your needs/goals + come up with a specific plan of action (Katie is a goal-oriented coach!) 
    • After each session Katie will send you a follow-up email summarizing all of your commitments/affirmations that you will try out before your next  session 
    • Katie's areas of focus include: weight loss, emotional eating, supporting working professionals and busy families to master the art of meal planning and cooking for their busy lifestyles, + food allergies/sensitivities, including working with individuals with autoimmune diseases or illnesses that require therapeutic diets (i.e., Paleo, autoimmune Paleo, GAPS, SCD, etc.)


  • Option #2 - Meal Plan Consultation/Customization (cost: $199)
    • You will meet with Katie (via telephone or Skype) for 90 minutes
    • Katie will ask about your food preferences, and food habits (i.e., meal timing, where you get your food from: grocery shopping/cooking versus pre-made meal or eating out, etc.) so that she can make recommendations for a specific meal plan that fits your personality + your lifestyle 
    • After your session, Katie will send you a comprehensive follow-up email of the meal plan you came up with, including any recipes or resources discussed during your session